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            Re: Sellers/Reeves Families
            Tue, 09 Dec 1997 17:18:08 -0600
            Carol LeCroy Brewer <>
Hi Marie & Pat,

Sorry, I thought you'd recognize my line by the first names since we
appear to be fairly closely related.  I am attaching a gedcom file
so that you will know who I am.  Please contact me to discuss any
errors or discrepancies.  As I said earlier, the earliest four 
generations are highly questionable.  I think you also list a different
father for Elisha Sellers, born abt. 1744.  Please let me know your
research on his parents and spouse.

Carol Brewer
        Carol LeCroy Brewer <>

Listed below you'll find my Sellers family.

Carol LeCroy (Brewer) daughter of Troy LeCroy & Ruby Lillian Sellers
of Tuscaloosa, AL
granddaughter of Henry Charles Sellers (1867-1942) & Margaret Loe
of Troy, Pike Co. AL
g granddaughter of Jackson Daniel Sellers (1849-1906) & Frances
       of Pike Co. AL
gg granddaughter of Julius S. Sellers (1813-1895) & Elizabeth S.
       of Pike Co. AL
ggg granddaughter of Matthew Sellers (1768-1849) & Jane Ward
of Brunswick Co. NC and Pike Co. AL
ggg granddaughter of Jesse Tinton Reeves (1785-~1860) & Martha
of SC (maybe?) and Pike Co. AL

 I have photos of Jackson D. Sellers and copies of pages of family
 information from his Bible which I can share. I also have a photo of
 Jesse T. Reeves and Martha Murphy as well as a photocopy of William
 Murphey's (Martha's father's) will.

 Carol Brewer