> Was that Brunswick Co., N.C.?  If it was, I am connected to Sellers there;
> also connected to a Charlotte Stanaland that married Christopher Basford
> April 28, 1805 in Brunswick Co., N.C. They had two boys and disappeared after
> the 1830 census.  The rest of the Basford's ended up in Florida.  Christopher
> was a brother to my husband's Grt-Grt-Grt Grandfather.  I've been looking for
> the Stanaland connection for a long-long time!  Also have Sellers - two
> branches in our Basford line from Brunswick Co., N.C.  If you are interested
> in any of this, please E-mail me at  Thanks!  Ginny
maybe we can help each other - I do SELLERS and they are connected to
STANALANDS in Brunswick,NC (went to Alabama, etc)
some SELLERS CENSUS posted - 
should post STANALANDS also, as MANY went together- 
I'll check names, census, etc,
BUT, If you send me Basford/Sellers connections= names/ages/places will
probably be a lot faster.

marie, iowa
WE ALSO have a web page I can/will post your info you send me and link
to names and counties you send. IT WORKS, marie, iowa


I don't have that much about my SELLERS/BASFORD connection (and Stanaland)
but here goes!
J.F. Sellers B 1796 N.C.  D. 4-21-1852 Jackson Co., Florida
Eleander (Eleanor/Ellen) B. 1800  D. 9-10-1857Jackson Co., Florida
CHILDREN;  Asbury F.
                          Lydia m John Basford
                          John m Mary Folsom
                           Rebecca m Emmanuel Turnage
                           Thomas m Edith Folsom
                           Gabella m Benjamin Hewett
                           June m Eckiah Robinson
                           Sarah m Sterling Arnold
                           Nancy m Edward Schackleford

I noticed that on the 1850 Brunswick Co., census there was:

                          Thomas Sellers   W  M  82 Laborer   N.C.
                          Sarah                       W  F   78 Wife
                          Living with Frederick Arnold  (I wondered if this
was J.F.'s father
of Sarah marrying Sterling)

Also had contact with a lady that was specializing in SELLERS in Brunswick
Co., N.C. - didn't know if you had been in touch.  This was a while back ---
Jane Anders
Route l  Box 2840
Ethel, La. 70730        (1991)
She sent me exerpts from "Records pertaining to The Sellers Family of
Brunswick County, N.C."  Compiled by James I. Marlowe, PHD  (our Basford
family also connects into the Marlowe family!)

Other than what I told you of Christopher Basford marrying Charlotte
Stanaland April 28, 1805 in Brunswick Co., N.C.- I have nothing else on
Stanaland.  Sure would be nice to find out about her family and maybe solve
the mystery of where they disappeared to.  Had two sons in 1830 census.  I've
been told the Basford's probably stopped along the way to Florida - perhaps
S.C. or Ga.
Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!  Happy Searching!  Ginny in

GINNY, toughy - Both Thomas SELLERS had boys this age, born 1796, also Mathew, but, believe his children are proven- The Arnolds living with Thomas and Sarah SELLERS, believed to be the son of Elisha that died 1801 - would indicate MORE of Sarah being THEIR daughter , to me - I didn't see a Frederick Arnold marriage in Brunswick-didn't check other counties and MANY we don't have- ASBURY is a proven child of J.F.SELLERS? WE NEED many more census posted in Florida/Al, etc- I didn't see any wills in Brunswick for Arnolds/Basfords- I did post a few more census- = 0 marriage bonds would be good to check on each child- history on any of J.F. SELLERS kids- ARNOLD history- any of the boys in civil war? The Indian war seemed to be a LOT of SELLERS in it , and I haven't ordered those and don't know if much info on charts! RELATION living with any of the kids in 1880? I believe I read 1880 Florida and only saw a grandchild Josie? living with ASBURY SELLERS (that is ONLY under SELLERS in that county/BREVARD- WILL try and post to your page and BRUNSWICK ,NC, JACKSON CO,NC and make links to same - LOTS of interest in southern SELLERS, IF you have read any of the census or have ages of the children and where yours went - another county/state, also helps- THANKS for sharing SELLERS, marie, iowa  SELLERS FAMILY GENEALOGY