IOWA/MONROE CO (made in 1843 from Wapello (formerly Kishkekosh)

and two counties from MO border



Rockingham Co., VA?


William D. Sellers Alma Hull 03 Mar 1896
Wyatt W. Sellers Vianna M. Stonebraker 27 Jan 1897

Sellers David -- Iowa Male 3/12
Sellers Mary G Croup Iowa Female 11/12

BIRTHS OR 1935 Old Age Pension List
Johnson ; James ; Blakesburg Route 2 ; Born 8 Sept. 1884 Ladesdale ; Iowa ; John Johnson & Sarah Sellers ; Urbana Township
Laimer ; Harold ; Route 3 ; Albia ; 27 Apr. 1913 Lucas Co. Iowa ; Geo. H. Larimer & Laura Sellers ; Manuta Township

Powell M Scott 67 NC, District 13, Monroe, Iowa
Rachel Scott 52 OH
Judiana Scott 15 IN

William Scott 41 KY, District 13, Monroe, Iowa
Agnes Scott 41
Mildred Scott 13 Maranda Scott 11 Eunice Scott 6 Ellen Scott 4

Jackson Scott 34 va, district 13, monroe, ia
America Scott 26 Mary Scott 5 Clarentine Scott 4 Maria Scott 1 Jane Underwood 40 Urana Underwood 16 Hannah Underwood 13

John Scott 30 va, district 13, monroe, ia
Margaret Scott 30 Thomas Scott 12 Stephen Scott 10 Martha A Scott 8 Butler Scott 4 John Scott 1


1856 =


Nathan Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 60 abt 1800 Kentucky Male (ck 1850 Putnam, IN)
Mary Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 56 abt 1804 Kentucky Female
George J Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 23 abt 1837 Indiana Male
Moses G Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 20 abt 1840 Indiana Male
Susan Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 16 abt 1844 Indiana Female

James C Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 32 abt 1828 Indiana Male (ck Mahaska Co., IA)
Abigail Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 26 abt 1834 Indiana Female
Mary E Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 5 abt 1855 Iowa Female
Allice Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA 1 abt 1859 Kansas Female

Hullum Scott 50 va, troy, monroe, ia
Mary A Scott 47
Newton Scott 18in
Creed C Scott 15
Benjamin Scott 13
Amanda Scott 12
Wyle Scott 8
Taswell Scott 7 in

1863 Monroe County Militia Roll
Sellers         J. C.           35              Teacher         Albia           Page 26
Sellers         M. Y.           23              Farmer          Troy            Page 23


Martha Sellers Albia, Monroe, IA abt 1802 Kentucky White Female
Nathan Sellers Albia, Monroe, IA abt 1798 Kentucky White Male

Della Sellers Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1868 Iowa White Female
Ella A Sellers Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1867 Iowa White Female
James H Sellers Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1837 Indiana White Male (where 1860?
Philina Sellers Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1840 Indiana White Female
Theodore Sellers Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1869 Iowa White Male

A Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1868 Iowa White Male
Elizabeth Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1856 Missouri White Female
Gcanfal Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1852 Missouri White Male
Hugh Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1864 Iowa White Male
John Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1849 Missouri White Male
Lucy Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1859 Missouri White Female
Matilda Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1819 Kenya White Female
Nathan Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1852 Missouri White Male
Nelson Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1817 Kenya White Male
Sarah Sellers Troy, Monroe, IA abt 1840 Missouri White Female


 Census Place: Albia, Monroe, Iowa
 Source: FHL Film 1254357  National Archives Film T9-0357     Page 186A
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
W. E. NEVILLE Self M M W 53 MD
 Occ: Clerk In Dry Goods Fa: --- Mo: ---
M. J. NEVILLE Wife F M W 47 IN (married when/where? msh)
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
Etta NEVILLE Dau F S W 21 IA (ca 1859)
 Occ: Housekeeper Fa: MD Mo: IN
Willie P. NEVILLE Son M S W 3 IA
   Fa: MD Mo: IN
Polly SELLERS Mother F W W 75 NY (ca 1805)
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: VA Mo: VA
Flora SELLERS Niece F S W 10 IA
 Occ: School Fa: IN Mo: OH

 Census Place: Albia, Monroe, Iowa
 Source: FHL Film 1254357  National Archives Film T9-0357     Page 172B
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
E. F. RITCHIE Self F W W 43 IN
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: OH
Lauren RITCHIE Son M M W 26 IA
 Occ: Tick Clerk R.R. Fa: OH Mo: IN
Carre RITCHIE DauL F M W 20 KY
 Occ: At Home Fa: KY Mo: KY
Minnie RITCHIE Dau F S W 22 KA
 Occ: Teacher Fa: OH Mo: IN
Mable RITCHIE Dau F S W 18 KA
 Occ: At School Fa: OH Mo: IN
William A. RITCHIE Son M S W 14 IA
 Occ: At School Fa: OH Mo: IN
George E. RITCHIE Son M S W 10 IA
 Occ: At School Fa: OH Mo: IN
A. A. SELLERS Sister F M W 49 IN
   Fa: KY Mo: OH
James C. SELLERS Nephew M S W 7 IA
   Fa: --- Mo: IN

Della A. Sellers Philena Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1868 Iowa Daughter
Willie B. Sellers Philena Jackson, Monroe, IA abt 1870 Iowa Son, BOTH PARENTS IN, living with
Philena Gilbert 40 IN, DAD NJ, MOM PA
Ira J. Gilbert 20 IA, both parents IN
Della A. Sellers 12 IA, BOTH PARENTS IN
Willie B. Sellers 10   IA, BOTH PARENTS IN

W.S. Scott 44 IN,
Mary E. Scott 41 Hullum Scott 24 Elisa Scott 22 James M. Scott 21 R.S. Scott 19 Ed Scott 16 Minne Scott 14 John Scott 11 Charles Scott 9 Rufus Scott 3 Gracy Scott 8m Freddy Scott 7m

William B Sellers Alma M Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1873 Iowa White Head
Alma M Sellers William B Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1878 Iowa White Wife
Everett Sellers William B,Alma M Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1899 Iowa White Son
Walter D Sellers William B,Alma M Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1899 Iowa White Son

James H Sellers Philena Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1837 Indiana White Head
Philena Sellers James H Jackson, Monroe, Iowa abt 1840 Indiana White Wife




Bernetta Mercer [Bernetta Sellers] Female White 1925 Monroe abt 1836 Head, PARENTS =Nathan Sellers, Mary Yowell ,wd
Emma Mercer 60 IA , dau, single

Wilson Sellers Male White 1925 Monroe abt 1892 Head,parents =Robert H Sellers, Mattie Lewis, Muriel Sellers
Muriel Sellers Female White 1925 Monroe abt 1896 Wife , parents =Lewis G Giles, Mary E Scott, Wilson Sellers

1935 Old Age Pension List

Johnson ; James ; Blakesburg Route 2 ; Born 8 Sept. 1884 Ladesdale ; Iowa ; John Johnson & Sarah Sellers ; Urbana Township
Laimer ; Harold ; Route 3 ; Albia ; 27 Apr. 1913 Lucas Co. Iowa ; Geo. H. Larimer & Laura Sellers ; Manuta Township

          Wed, 15 May 2002 18:36:43 EDT
       From:  FRANK

I have a further record of James C. Sellers of Oskaloosa, IA.  This comes
from Portrait and Biographical Record of Mahaska Co., IA, published by
Chapman in 1887.  Everything needs corroboration, but the information points
those interested in the right directions for further knowledge.

James C. Sellers, born January 14, 1828 in Garrard Co., KY.  Son of Nathan
Sellers and Mary Yowell.  Nathan and Mary Sellers moved to Putnam Co., IN in
1830.  In 1851, at the age of 23, he gave up farming in Indiana and moved to
Monroe Co., IA where he began teaching school.  He also taught in a school at
Chariton, Lucas Co., IA, before returning to farming in Monroe Co., IA.  In
1873 he opened an insurance business in Oskaloosa.  He founded the Iowa Life
and Endowment Association in 1882.

He married Aby A. Read on December 29, 1853, location unknown but maybe in
Albia, IA.  Seven children:
Eva, m. Dr. L. H. Dowling of Albia, IA
James C., Jr.,
Fannie, died at 20 mo. of age.
Alice, became teacher in Ottumwa.
Lela, died at 18 mo. of age.

           Wed, 15 May 2002 18:10:48 EDT

This is the information I have about John Crawford Sellers of Garrard Co.,
KY, and later perhaps of Monroe, Co., Iowa.

John Crawford Sellers was the son of James Sellers and Mary Crawford.  He
was born March 26, 1796 in Garrard Co., KY.  He m. Fanny Brown on March 1, 1821
near Lancaster, KY.  Death date and place unknown.

John Crawford Sellers and Fanny Brown Sellers moved to Putnam Co., IN in
1823, where they lived near John Crawford Sellers' sister Rebecca, the wife
of John Finley Sellers.

John Crawford Sellers may have served in the War of 1812, at the age of 17.
There is a John Sellors listed in Capt. James Davidson's Company of Kentucky
Mounted Infantry, enlisted May 20, 1813 and mustered out November 19, 1813.
Company rolls spell his name John Sellors.  John Finley Sellers, five years
older, was in another company of Kentucky Mounted Infrantry with the same
enlistment and mustering out dates.

John Crawford Sellers and Fanny Brown were said to have had 8 children:
Lucy A., b. ?, m. Robert Leech II, Nov. 4, 1840.
??Bernetta, b. 1838 in Greencastle, IN.
??Moses Y., b. 1839 in Greencastle, IN.
There were five more.

Harlan's Narrative History of the People of Iowa, published in 1931, Vol.
III, pg. 68, says that John Sellers moved to Monroe Co., IA in the 1850s
from Greencastle, IN.  It says his son Moses Y. Sellers became a well-known
physician, and daughter Bernetta, age 93, was still living in Albia, IA at
the time of publication.

  Biographical and genealogical history of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa =


Biographical and genealogical history of Appanoose and Monroe Counties, Iowa
New York: Lewis Pub. Co., 1903 p 336.
Moses Y. SELLERS -- The medical corps at Moulton includes the above named physician, who has been practicing there over 33 years and has become thoroughly identified with the growth and progress of the place. Though a native of Indiana Dr. Sellers has been a resident of Iowa nearly half a century and has done his share as a citizen to help forward the marvelous development which has characterized this state during that eventful period. The family is of Ky origin, his father, Nathan Sellers, having been born on a farm near Lexington in the first quarter of the 19th century. He married Mary YOWELL also a member of a Ky household and with her moved to Indiana at an early period in the history of that state. He settled on a farm in Putnam County and in after years rose to a position of prominence in that community, being elected treasuerer of the county and otherwise honored by his political associates. In 1854 he removed with his family to Iowa and located near Albia, count! y seat of Monroe and there resumed his old occupation of tilling the soil. Moses Y. Sellers, next to the youngest of his father's 8 children was born near Greencastle, indiana Aug 5, 1839 and was a boy almost 15 when the migration was made to Iowa. He assisted his father on the farm and attended school until he reached his majority when he engaged in teaching and followed that occupation 5 years. During the year 1864 he spent some time at the Keokuk Medical College and after leaving that was engaged for 4 1/2 years in the practice of medicine at iconium. Afterward he returned to the same institution at Keokuk, where he took a thorough course and was graduated in 1880. Immediatley thereafter he returned to his office at Moulton, and that town has ever since been the central point from which he prosecutes his professional labors. The Dr. is a member of the Des Moines Medical Assocation and the Medical Society of Wayne & Appanoose Counties. His religious affiliations are with! the Christian Church and fraternal connections are confined to membership in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. May 14, 1867, Dr. Sellers was united in marriage with Sarah Cassie Stauber, who died in Oct 1870 leaving two children, whos married names are Mrs. Lillie May Brunk and Mrs. Flora Effie Bradley. August 30, 1877, Dr. Sellers contracted a second marriage, his bride being Elizabeth c. Tipton who died leaving 3 children: Mrs. Jennie Bell Brunk, Maggie and Earl D. Sellers, who is a medical student in Louisville Medical College. Dr. Sellers contracted his third matrimonial alliance with Mrs. Ann Primm, anative of VA who came west with her parents in 1853. Mrs. Sellers is the daughter of Samuel Peek who married Mary Hildreth by whom he had 10 children: Elizabeth, Amelia, Aaron, Eli, Gustavus, Alfred, Ann, Mack, Christopher Columbus and Casandra. Of these children Christopher C. and Mrs. Sellers are the the only ones living. Mrs. Sellers was married in VA to AP Prim! m and lived with him a few years near Lafayette, Indiana after which they came to Greene Co Iowa. Mrs. Primm's marriage to Dr. Sellers occured at Lancaster, MO in 1890 since which time she has presided over the household at Moulton with the dignity and grace of the experienced housekeeper.


Biographical & Genealogical History of Appanoose & Monroe Counties, Iowa

New York, Lewis Publishing Co. 1903


William Mercer  page 267


The subject of this review is a self-made man who in his your had few advantages, educational or otherwise, nor had he the assistance of influential friends, but he possessed strong resolution, and, desiring to become a successful factor in business circles in Monroe county, he has labored earnestly and energetically until his efforts have been crowned with a gratifying degree of prosperity.  He now lives in Bluff Creek township, where he owned a valuable property, comprising four hundred and sixty-five acres of land, which, however, he has divided among his children, retaining for himself one hundred and sixty acres.


Mr. Mercer was born in Kentucky, February 26, 1827, and comes of a family of Scotch origin.  From the land of hills and heather his early ancestors went to England and thence to America.  The great-grandfather was a soldier in the continental army during the Revolutionary war and valiantly assisted in winning American independence.  George and Mary ( Martin ) Mercer, the grandparents, were residents of Pennsylvania, whence they removed at an early day to Kentucky, there residing until called to their final home, the former at the age of sixty-eight years, the latter at the age of seventy-four. 


Martin Mercer, the father of our subject, was born in Kentucky and served his country in the war of 1812 under General Jackson, participating in the “tearless battle” of New Orleans.  He was married to Anna L. Biggs, a daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth ( Christ ) Biggs, who were residents of Kentucky, but removed to Indiana, where both passed away at an advance age, the former when he had attained four-score years, the latter at the age of seventy-eight.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Mercer also removed to Indiana, locating there in 1831.  They became the parents of ten children, but only two are yet living, William and his brother, H.H. Mercer.  The father died in Indiana at the age of seventy-three, and the mother’s death occurred in the same place when she was seventy-two years of age.


The early youth of William Mercer was a period of persistent and unremitting toil.  His educational privileges were very meager, as he had opportunity to attend school for only about two months each year, and during that time he pursued his studies in a log building, sitting upon seats made of slabs, which rested upon wooden pins or legs fitted into a hole bored in the wall.  His training at farm labor, however, was not meager, for from an early age he worked in the fields form early morning until evening, but, always ambitious for advancement, his persistence, energy and diligence at length won the victory over limited financial circumstances, and he stands to-day as one of the successful men of his county.


On the 27th of March, 1856, Mr. Mercer married Miss Bernetta H. Sellers, a native of Indiana, and a daughter of Nathan and Mary ( Yowell ) Sellers.  Her father was a son of James and Mary

( Crawford ) Sellers, and the former, a native of Kentucky and of Scotch descent, died in his native state, while the latter passed away in Indiana.  Nathan Sellers was born in Kentucky and when he had arrived at years of maturity wedded Mary, daughter of William and Margaret

( Coppage ) Yowell.  Her father was of English lineage and lived in Kentucky.  He died in an explosion of a steamer on which he was a passenger, and his wife died in Kentucky when more than ninety years of age.  In 1854 Mr. and Mrs. Sellers came to Iowa and here spent their remaining days, the former dying in Appanoose county at the age of seventy-five, the latter at the age of eighty years in Monroe county.  They had eight children, of whom five or yet living, including Mrs. Mercer, the estimable wife of our subject.  To Mr. and Mrs. Mercer have been born ten children, six of whom are yet living:  Henry, who is married and has two children; William L., who is married and has three children; John P., who is married and has four children; Emma, at home; Ida, also with her father; and Inez, who married Dr. C.N. Hyatt and has one child.  A daughter, Florence, died at the age of twenty-three years, and the others died in infancy.


Since 1850 Mr. Mercer has been a resident of Monroe county, and great changes have occurred in that period, for the wild land has been plowed and made a bloom and blossom as the rose.  His own farm has undergone a complete transformation.  He first purchased two hundred and sixty acres and his first farmhouse was 17x20 feet, in which he lived until 1870, when his present fine home was erected, and in the interim the boundaries of this farm have also been extended until the place comprise four hundred and sixty-five acres of land.  He has divided this among his boys, who are now operating it, with the exception of William, who in February, 1902, was graduated from the College of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri, and is now practicing in Hailey, Idaho.


In politics Mr. Mercer was first a Whig and voted for General Scott, and in 1856 he cast his ballot for John C. Fremont and has since been a stanch Republican.  He has filled various local offices and in 1860 he was elected county supervisor, serving for two years, and was the first supervisor of the first superior court of Monroe county.  He has always been active in support of measures for the general good and through more than half a century’s residence in the county his labors have greatly benefited his locality, and at the same time his efforts in business circles have brought to him a very gratifying return.