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I see that you are the Sellers Page webmaster, thanks for your efforts.

The information that you requested, I'm afraid, will be coming
piecemeal.  First, though, WILLIAM SELLERS married three times, first to
SARAH PURDUE (mother of DANIEL M. SELLERS, b. 7/24/1811 and 5 other
children), and second to ANN ELEANOR DOWNING (mother of JOHN HENRY
SELLERS, b. 6/27/1821, my ancestor).  Also, please tell me where the
WILLIAM SELLERS, ESTATE 1846=adB page 264 c2423 data can be found.

WHITLEY COUNTY, INDIANA, 1856-1910, Compiled by Nellie M. Raber.

SELLERS, Daniel M. was born in Licking Co., Ohio on 24 July 1811; died
at his home in Troy Tp., Whitley Co., Ind on 26 Nov. 1899.  He married
Mary Ann Prosser in Delaware Co. Ohio on 17 Nov. 1837.  She died about 7
years ago leaving 6 of her 9 children.  They came to Whitley Co. Ind. in
1845 locating on the farm where each died.  Thefuneral service was held
in the Troy Presbyterian Church whth Rev. D.W.Sanders officiating;
burial was in the church cemetery. (C.C.P., 29 Nov. 1899)

John D. Sellers, Hoffman Estates, IL

        J Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>

SELLERS, WILLIAM: b. abt. 1780, PA; d. abt. 1846, prob. Whitley, IN
+ (second wife) DOWNING, ANN ELEANOR; b. 1778, Farquier, VA; d. 1842,
Delaware, OH

  2  SELLERS, JOHN HENRY: b. 1821, prob. Licking, OH; d. 1890, Highland,
       + WELLS, JULIA ANN: b 1824, in OH, d. 1902, Highland, OH

       3  SELLERS, GROVER CAREY: b. 1848, Highland, OH; d. 1899,
Highland, OH
            + (first wife) FULLERTON, MARY C.: b 1849, d. 1882,
Highland, OH

            4  SELLERS, GEORGE CAREY: b. 1870, Highland, OH; d. 1935,
                 + MOTTIE, MARY ELIZABETH: b. 1875, Highland, OH; d 1979,
Jackson, OH

John D. Sellers, Hoffman Estates, IL

JOHN, did we ever get a copy of Estate Papers on WM - probably available
from Zanesville Court House, ? marie, iowa
WILLIAM SELLERS, ESTATE 1846=adB page 264 c2423

I don't believe that we have ever gotten a copy.  The William Sellers from
Ohio that served in the War of 1812 might be worth looking into as well.

I have been taking the path of less resistance, concentrating on living
descendants, with a possible reunion in mind.  So far, I've got about 80 adults named,
with about 40 located.

John Sellers

My information shows William Sellers, 1 Regiment (Williamson's), Ohio
Militia.  I have no connection with any county.  Any additional details
would be appreciated.

John Sellers

JOHN, Thanks, my 1812 Roster of Ohio is Not Indexed -
I believe Newer 1812 info on line and have Not checked out -
The Wm SELLERS I tried to order info =
Capt John BARTHOLOMEW CO, (never rec'd a file)
There was a John Bartholomew in 1810 GEAUGA Co, Oh and NO SELLERS
I ordered a few and ONLY remember receiving the JACOB SELLERS from ROSS
CO, OH that went to IL and he claimed NO pension, etc, But, Had Bounty?
Land and I believe we
have description of Land, BUT, couldn't find JACOB SELLERS in IL about
this time.
WHERE did you get the info on WM SELLERS in WILLIAMSON Company ?
I am Very Interested in Any Wm SELLERS ca this age and I can try and order
Was there a First Name to WILLIAMSON? - Most of my 1812 Companys show =
Capt so and so = first and last names-
Thanks for Any Help -
I believe there is newer/more help on line now days -
Storm Coming in Tonite - Thanks, marie, iowa

MARIE, there was an listing of Sellers In The War Of 1812 in an email from
PGreatho01@aol.com to  SELLERS-L, dated 22 Jan 1999 (SELLERS-D Digest V99
#24). There was not
a first name for Williamson.  However, it also included 3 Wm Sellers from

JOHN sent us copy of WM SELLERS estate papers=(Musk Co, OH)
J.SELLERS - Thanks for info and Please check out the PERRY CO  page ,
lays next to MUSK CO, OH - Sure looks like there should be a connection.
Are these
> SELLERS born PA - We have NO census posted - Could Use-
> Also Need to read thro PA wills, etc. We have an ISAAC SELLERS died
here in 1840's born 1769 per Perry article. Send Any info you can -
> http://www.netins.net/showcase/sellerfamily/ohperry.htm
> marie, iowa

For me, the William Sellers estate papers from Muskingum County, OH
proved that he was not my line. I will check the ohperry page, but I
couldn't make a connection when I looked a year ago.

John Sellers

J Sellers wrote:

> I am looking for any further information about Lillian Sellers, who
married John Pyle on 10/31/1872.  John Pyle was born in Licking County,
Ohio on > 3/15/1847.  Their descendants include William Pyle (b. 1875), and Ivan
Lamar Pyle (b. 1899).  I would be glad to share the information that I
have on this > family.
> John Sellers

Re: William and Ann Sellers

    From=  marie sellers hollinger <mari@netins.net>

JSELLERS - Thanks - Yes , we need HELP in these areas-
Please send a little chart of names/dates/ages/places =
YOU connect to first son DANIEL M.SELLERS - We Need his birthdate/place
We Need First Land entry on this family
We Need Census Info on this family and their KIDS

William SELLERS married 3-6-1820 MUSK CO,OH Ann Eleanor DOWNING
She died/buried 8-3-1842, 64 yrs, Delaware Co, Ohio

Wm SELLERS married 5-26-1826 MUSK CO, OH  to Ann CALHOON=
Where did he go -
IF you have posted ANY census/tax/wills, etc on these families - it may
HELP prove some of
this family.
LICKING CO, lays next to MUSK CO

BUT, all these marriages in MUSK and

SELLERS, JOSEPH              **                           58-3-76
WILLIAM SELLERS, ESTATE 1846=adB page 264 c2423
MAKES ME think, we Need more info from either county.
PLEASE, share what you can - we will post/link to these counties -
THANKS for sharing SELLERS , marie, iowa

J Sellers wrote:

> Hi
> I am a 3g grandson of this couple via John Henry, Grover Carey, George
> Carey, and Franklin.  I have some information about William's first
> marriage, his first son Daniel M., and his place of death. I would be
> glad to share all I have.
> I am hunting for where he was born (probably PA) and when, where he
> lived prior to Delaware Co. (probably Licking Co,), his parents of
> course, and any other info you have gathered.  I haven't worked much on
> Ann, having only recently found her.  By the way her death date listed
> here must be a typo error, it should be 8-3-1842.

I have been working on rounding up all my second cousins for a first
reunion (sent out over 90 announcements).  One, who responded by phone,
told me that his grandfather told him that we were descended from a
Hessian general who spread butter on bread with his thumb.  Are there
any subscribers who are descended from Hessian soldiers [or who continue
this practice :-) ]?  I wonder how much of this legend is truth, and how
much a grandad's yarn.  Do we know of any sources that deal with Hessian
soldier naturalizations?

Since I have been stymied in my search for the origins William Sellers
of Licking and Delaware counties in OH, b. abt 1785 in PA, I am willing
to investigate almost anything.
John Sellers

JOHN - Can post the reunion on your page - But, if we had a county/state
area where we could post it - Anyone researching in those counties would
probably see it more ? Advise-

I've heard of people hitting the 'bottom' and 'hitting a brick wall' in
their research - But, I think I would come up with a better idea? than
But, Who Knows, one of our SELLERS may have some knowledge on this!
marie, iowa

Hi All,
Does anyone belong to this George W. Sellers?  I've often wondered if his
family was related to mine (John Henry Sellers, 1821-1890, lived in Greenfield,
Highland, OH in 1870).
John Sellers

John W. Sellers was born Dec. 25, 1844 in Delaware Co., OH., and died
Dec. 2, 1929.  He was the son of Daniel M. Sellers of Whitley Co., IN.
He  served in Co. K, 139th Reg., Indiana Volunteer Infantry from May 5,
1864 to Sep. 29, 1864, and was mustered out Oct. 5, 1864.  He  married
Sarah Ann Miller on May 24, 1868 at the residence of the bride's father
in Whitely Co., IN.   They later lived in Mentone, Kosciusco, IN and
Warsaw, Kosciusco, IN.   They had two children: Charles L. Sellers, b.
June 14, 1869, and Dessie(?) M. Sellers-Stephens, b. Feb. 9, 1884.

Here is my first shot at the time chart form you requested. Charts for
sons, Daniel M. and John H. will follow.
John Sellers

William Sellers
Abt. 1785     Born in PA.
1810-1815    First Daughter Sellers born.
1811            Son, Daniel M. Sellers born in Licking, OH
1813            Served in War of 1812
1815            Made improvements to town of Johnstown, Licking, OH
1815-1820    Second Son Sellers born.
1815-1820    Second Daughter Sellers born.
1819            Wife Sarah "Sally" died, Johnstown, Licking, OH
1820            Married Ann Eleanor Downing, Zanesville, Muskingum, OH
1820-1815    Third Daughter Sellers born
1821            Son, John Henry Sellers born
1830            Census: Orange, Delaware, OH
1840            Census: Orange, Delaware, OH
1842            Wife, Ann Eleanor Dowing died, Orange, Delaware, OH
1845            Son, Daniel M. Sellers moved to Troy, Whitley, IN
1848            Married Lydia Wentz, Springfield, Noble, IN
1850            Census: (William Sellens) Lake, Allen, IN
1864            Died, Fort Wayne, Allen, IN

JOHN - Thanks - This First daughter born 1810 - Do we know if she was born OHIO?
They don't appear to be on an 1810 tax list - If they owned land
Have you worked on Land Deeds - When first property owned?
Have you worked on this 1810 MIFFLIN CO, PA - WM SELLERS?
WE can use most of these Census records, if you have extracted them - Thanks, marie, iowa

Hi Marie,
Actually first daughter was born in the 1810-1815 range according to census
data (probably 1812-1815 based on biographical write-up that he was the
child).  So she was probably born in Liking, OH.  Thanks for the
suggestions about land deeds and Mifflin, PA
John Sellers

Daniel M. Sellers
1811        Born, Licking, OH
1830        Census: Orange, Delaware, OH
1835        Married Sophia Patterson, Delaware, OH
1837        Married Mary Ann Prosser, Delaware, OH
1840        Census: Genoa, Delaware, OH
1841        Daughter Elizabeth Sellers born, Delaware, OH
1842        Son William H. Sellers born, Delaware, OH
1844        Son John W. Sellers born, Delaware, OH
1845        Moved to Troy Twp, Whitley Co., IN
1848        Son George W. Sellers born, Whitley, IN
1850        Census: Whitley Co., IN
1850        Son Charles Downing Sellers born Whitley, IN
1853        Daughter Mary J. Sellers born, Whitley, IN
1857        Son Horace Sellers born, Whitley, IN
1862        Daughter Ella Sellers born, Whitley, IN
1892        Wife Mary Ann Prosser died, Whitley, IN
1899        Died, Troy Twp., Whitley Co., IN

Saturday we had 81 attending a first-ever Sellers Family Reunion for my
(William Sellers, 1785 PA>OH>IN 1864).  Some of my cousins related the
story of our family being descended from a Hessian soldier remaining in the US after the
revolutionary war, but with no specifics.  Does anybody else have such a

John Sellers

Hi Louis,
I have a John W. Sellers, b. 12/25/1844 in Delaware Co., OH, but grew up
in Whitley Co., IN, md. Sarah Ann Miller, also of Whitley Co.
5/24/1868.  They moved to Mentone, Kosciuso, IN in 1883 and later to
Warsaw, same Co.  The had Charles L. Sellers, b. 6/14/1869 and Dessie
May (Sellers) Stephens, b. 2/9/1884.  If you have run into information
about these cousins, and especially their descendants, I would be very
interested in it.
John Sellers

        J Sellers <jsellers@ais.net>
Subject:  [INWHITLE] Re:Roll

I am researching Descendants of Daniel M. Sellers

 1   [1] SELLERS, Daniel M. b: July 24, 1811 d: November 26, 1899
..  +PATTERSON, Sophia
  *2nd Wife of [1] Daniel M. Sellers:
..  +PROSSER, Mary Ann b: April 7, 1817 d: August 26, 1892
....... 2   SELLERS, Elizabeth b: 1841
....... 2   SELLERS, William Henry b: May 13, 1842 d: February 10, 1898
...........  +MILLER, Martha C. b: Abt. 1844 d: March 16, 1911
................ 3   SELLERS, Jesse b: March 26, 1869 d: 1946
................ 3   SELLERS, Emma D. b: September 15, 1870
................ 3   SELLERS, Fred b: December 22, 1873
................ 3   SELLERS, Frank b: August 22, 1877
................ 3   SELLERS, Hazel Maud b: September 5, 1887
....... 2   SELLERS, John W. b: December 25, 1844 d: December 2, 1929
...........  +MILLER, Sarah Ann b: 1846
................ 3   SELLERS, Charles L. b: June 14, 1869
................ 3   SELLERS, Dessie M. b: February 9, 1884
....................  +STEPHENS, George F.
....... 2   SELLERS, George W b: 1848
....... 2   SELLERS, Charles Downing b: July 7, 1850 d: September 7,
...........  +GRANT, Maxie Phoebe b: January 26, 1854 d: February 22,
................ 3   SELLERS, Lela Maud b: August 2, 1879 d: October 16,
....................  +SALMON, Thomas Ray b: November 16, 1878 d:
November 28, 1956
................ 3   SELLERS, Charles Grant b: July 4, 1887 d: January
8, 1949
....................  +MARTIN, Iva L
................ 3   SELLERS, Beulah Mae b: May 11, 1891 d: March 1,
....................  +SWEENEY, Perry
....... 2   SELLERS, Mary J. b: May 23, 1853 d: September 12, 1873
....... 2   SELLERS, Horace b: 1857
....... 2   SELLERS, Ella b: 1862

John Sellers

>From:            Cynaman7@aol.com
>Date sent:       Thu, 29 May 2003 22:29:43 EDT
>Subject:         W.H. Sellers of Ohio
>To:              mari@netins.net
>Copies to:       ray@revette.net
>Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Shiloh and Corinth
>battlefields.  Time was short, but I found a "W.H. SELLERS of Ohio",
>who died in 1862, buried in the National Cemetery at Corinth.  My
>guess is that he survived the events near Shiloh, but was killed
>during the actions around Corinth.
>Surely, someone has already identified this individual and Marie has
>the records somewhere in her repository!  Curiousity has the better
>me...please tell me who he is.

june 7, 2003
Thank you, Bob Sellers, for your email about the grave of W. H. Sellers
in the Corinth, Miss. cemetery.  He was the eldest son of John Henry and
Julia Ann Wells Sellers, of Greenfield, Highland, OH.  He was born
1/11/1844 and died 6/11/1862.  I am descended from Grover Sellers, the
second son, who also served.

John Sellers

  may 2005

Hi Georgia,
I have suspected, but never been able to establish a connection between
Alexander Sellers and John Henry Sellers. John Henry left his father's
family in Delaware Co., OH (they later migrated to NE Indiana) to go south
to Highland Co. Why? Possibly a uncles's or cousin's recommendation?

Grover Comstock Sellers did, indeed, marry the Reynolds sisters. Judy
Reynolds, who is related to Nancy Ann Reynolds (SELLERS-L email of 4/15/05)
says, however, that Lucy Florence and Sara Jane are not her line.

There is some confusion over where William, father of John H., was born.
The 1880 census for son Daniel M. (Whitley, IN) shows William born in OH.
Daniel's biographical sketch states that William was a native of PA of
German descent. At the moment, I've lost track of my 1850/1860 census
images for William Sellens/Sellers in Allen, IN.

John Sellers

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Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 5:33 PM
Subject: Re: [SELLERS] Grover Sellers, Greenfield, Highland, Ohio, b. 1848

> John, I have a question about the Highland County, Ohio, Sellers:
> There is an Alexander Sellers born about 1803 Pennsylvania and he married
> Nancy Ann Reynolds on 26 November 1856 in Highland County, Ohio
> Grover C. Sellers married Lucy Florence Reynolds on 04 June 1883, I assume
> in Highland County, Ohio, and after her death, he married Sarah Jane
> Reynolds on 12 February 1892, again I assume in Highland County, Ohio.
> Is there a connection between Alexander Sellers born 1803 PA and John H.
> Sellers, born 1821 Ohio? Both are in Highland County, Ohio. Are Lucy
> Florence Reynolds and Sarah Jane Reynolds sisters?
> In 1880 John H. Sellers says his father was born in Germany.
> Georgia
"Georgia L. Fletcher" <chickfletcher@comcast.net>
MAY 2005
I'm looking for descendants or relatives of the following family:
Descendants of Daniel M. Sellers

1 SELLERS, Daniel M. b: July 24, 1811 Licking, Ohio d: November 26, 1899 in
Troy Twp., Whitley, IN

.. +PATTERSON, Sophia m: March 18, 1835 Delaware, OH

*2nd Wife of SELLERS, Daniel M.:

.. +PROSSER, Mary Ann b: April 7, 1817 , Pennsylvania m: December 7, 1837
Delaware, OH d: August 26, 1892 in Buried Troy Presbyterian Cemetery,
Whitley, IN

2 SELLERS, Elizabeth b: 1841 Licking, Ohio

2 SELLERS, William Henry b: May 13, 1842 Delaware, Ohio d: February 10, 1898

.... +MILLER, Martha C. b: Abt. 1844 <Delaware,> OH m: March 27, 1868
Warsaw, Kosciusko, IN d: March 16, 1911

2 SELLERS, John W. b: December 25, 1844 Delaware, OH d: December 2, 1929 in
<Warsaw, Kosciusco, IN>

.... +MILLER, Sarah Ann b: 1846 Delaware, OH m: May 24, 1868 Bride's
father's home, Whitley, IN

2 SELLERS, George W b: 1848 Larwill, Whitley, Indiana

.... +<SELLERS>, Mariah b: Abt. 1848 IN

2 SELLERS, Charles Downing b: July 7, 1850 Richland Twp., Whitley, IN d:
September 7, 1928 in Richland Twp., Whitley, IN

.... +GRANT, Maxie Phoebe b: January 26, 1854 Troy Twp., Whitley, IN m:
December 24, 1874 Larwill, Whitley, IN d: February 22, 1939 in Richland
Twp., Whitley, IN

2 SELLERS, Mary J. b: May 23, 1853 Larwill, Whitley, Indiana d: September
12, 1873 in Whitley, IN

2 SELLERS, Horace b: 1857 Larwill, Whitley, Indiana

2 SELLERS, Ella b: 1862 Larwill, Whitley, Indiana

Thanks, John Sellers


JOHN, thanks.
I know you are looking for newer relation to find you. hope so.

BUT, we also NEED the PA birth places of these SELLERS in OH.
SOME kids were born in PA. where?
CIVIL WAR file may show town, state of birth .

Also we have the WM SELLERS in war of 1812. is he yours? and Daniel 1811 FIRST CHILD?
do we have or did he file for 1812 pension/bounty land? sometimes these files don't have a lot of info, but, we should have.

WHAT info do we have?
thanks, marie, iowa


Hello Marie,
Sorry, none of these Sellers kids were were born in PA. All of them that
served in the Civil War were born in OH or IN.

You are right about WM Sellers, father of Daniel, serving in the 1812 War.
His widow pension papers, alas, do not show a place of birth. I haven't yet
sent for his bounty land papers.

John Sellers
John and Ruth Sellers [johnsellers2@comcast.net]