"Lora Sellers" <lora@nb.net>
On "Kerin's Page" #105 Ray Sellers, (actual name Clarence Ray Sellers)
married Catherine Claycomb (actual name Minnie Catherine Claycomb) who died
March 27, 1995 (death not listed on your web site).

#134 listed as Christina Leann Sellers, actual name Kristina LeAnne Sellers
#135 listed as Lori Leigh Sellers, actual name Lora Leigh Sellers

#142 listed as Catherine Sellers should be Katherine Sellers

#176 Travis James Winesickle - this is correct, but he has a brother that
was missed
        Jason Lemuel Winesickle born July 15, 1981

Many in this branch of the family have gotten married and have children
that are also not listed.

Thank You.

Lora L. Sellers