Jacob and Isham Sellers of Duplin Co NC


Jacob Sellers was possibly born in northeastern North Carolina. The
first record of him is in 1743 when his is listed as adjacent John
Sellers' 400 acres in Craven Co., Nc on south side of Great Cotentnes
Creek. On 05/23/1757 he obtains a Land Grant (filed Book 2/158 (16/103))
for 100 acres in Duplin County, NC on the East side of Six Runs. His
last record is a 1778 deed of John Knowles and Jacob Sellers to
Nathaniel Merritt filed in Sampson County, Book 6,68.

While it is likely from subsequent records that he had several sons his
son Isom (Isham) is identified through the following record:

Sampson County
Land Grant Book 1770-1814
Volume 2
A deed of gift from Jacob Sellers to Isom Sellers for Sundry
Duplin County
To all to whome thesepresents into writing Shall come I Jacob Sellers Sen.
of Duplin County and province aforesaid send greetings.  Know ye that the
said Jacob Sellers as well for & in consideration of natural affection and
fatherly love which I have and care unto my beloved son Isom Sellers as
also for divers other good causes & consideration me at these presents
Especially moving have given & granted & by these presents do give grant
& confirm unto the said Isom Sellers five cows and calves five young steers
one Bull and four heifers one horse and one fether bed and furniture and
other house hold goods and moveable to have and to hold the sd sundry unto
the said Isom Sellers & to his heirs in proper all and befoof forever
and quietly with out any matter of Challenges claim or demand of me my self
said Jacob Sellers of of any other person of persons whatsoever for me or
my name by my means or provement & with out any money or other things
therefore to be yelding paid or done unto me the said Jacob Sellers my
Extr. Adms or assigns and I the said Jacob Sellers all and singular the
aforesaid cattle horse & other goods afore mentioned to the said Isom
and his heirs as aforesiad to the use aforesiad against all people do
& forever defend by these presents In witness whereof I the sd Jacob
have hereunto set my hand & seal this fifteenth day of June in the year of
lord God one thousand seven hundred & seventy and nine signed sealed and
delivered in presents of us.
James West                          his
John Bell                      Jacob   Sellers

Isham H. Sellers, born 1754 in Duplin County, North Carolina; died July
18, 1837 in Henderson County, Kentucky. He was the son of Jacob Sellers.
He married Unus Vann March 1776 in Duplin County, North Carolina. Unus
Vann, born 1760 in North Carolina; died 1819 in Kentucky. She was the
daughter of William Vann and Phoebe ?.

Isham first appears in a 12/20/1763 Land Grant application for 100 acres
on a branch of Rockfish Creek in Duplin County, NC which was not granted
because he was underage. He first obtains land on 10/17/1778 in a deed
from James & Nancy Knowles in Sampson County, book 6,184 on Rockfish
Creek. And adds to this with a 04/01/1780 Land Grant (book 41,108) for
100 acres in Duplin County on the West Side of N.E. River. He appears on
the 1783 Tax List of Duplin County and on 12/22/1784 is the surety for
Daniel Merrit for support of Bastard Child. And again appears on the
1784 Tax List Sampson County, this being due to the fact that his land
straddled the county border.

>From 1786 to 1796 he is invloved in the exchange of properties on
Cowhiffle Swamp, at the head of Knobbys Marsh Branch, on Rockfish Creek,
and on Goffs Marsh all lands straddling the border of both Sampson and
Duplin County.

Isham was a Revolutionary War Soldier and his service is recorded in
Revolutionary War Pension record 6822 NC State Troops, 20 Apr 1833, at
the age of 80. He served as a private in the North Carolina Line under
Captain Richard Clinton, William Vann (his brother-in-law), Shadrock
Stallion and Colonel Alexander Lellington. he was wounded in the left
shoulder at South River. He fought in the battle of Moore's Creek Bridge
and Guilford's Court House. Length of service was 20 1\2 months. In his
pension file he identifies his wife Eunice as the sister of Capt.
William Vann of Duplin County, NC.

Sometime after 1796 Isham moved to Western Kentucky. He married secondly
in 1826 to Lydia Barr.

His will is dated Dec 1, 1827 and Probated July 1837 in Henderson County

In the name of God, Amen. I, Isham Sellers of the county of Henderson and
state of Kentucky now is perfect health, mind and memory thank the Almight
God, for the same, and knowing the mortality of all mankind, and that it is
appointed to all men to die. I do hereby make this my last will and
In manner and form following vir' (1st.) That all my just  debts and
expenses be paid. (2nd) I give unto the heirs of my DECEASED SON EPHRAIM
SELLERS in addition to what I have heretofore given him the sum of  $1.
I give unto my aughter EDEE COTTINGHAM in addition to what I have
given her the sum of $1.
(4th) I give unto mu son WILLIAM SELLERS in addition to what I have
given him the sum of $1. (5th.) I give unto my son LEWIS SELLERS in
to what heretofore given him the sum of $1. (6th.) I give into ELIZABETH
SUTTON in addition to what I heretofore the sum of $1. (7th.) I give unto
heirs of ORMAN SELLERS deceased in addition to what I have
heretofore given then the sum of $1. (8th.) I give unto DORCUS MURPHY in
addition to what I have given heretofore given her the sim of $1. (9th.) I
give unto DAVID SIGHTS in addition to what I have heretofore given him all
land that i posess on the same side of the creek that he now lives. (10th.)
give unto my beloved wife LYDIA SELLERS all the rest of my land that I
now possess or may possess between this and my death. Also all my negroes
her use and benefit during her widowhood, together with all my household
kitchen furniture, farming utensils and all the stock of what kind
I may be in possession of at my death and also what meat I may have in my
smoke house at the time of my death. Should my wife LYDIA
SELLERS marry again then I desire she shall have the third of the stock,
household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils or (11th.) that whole
possess at my death I give unto my children begotten be my belived wife
SELLERS and after my wife dies, all the stock household and kitchen
to be equally divided between and among the, not withstanding I desire that
wife LYDIA SELLERS shall hold my household and kitchen furniturem farming
utensils and the crops that my be growing , during her lifetime should she
marry again, but if she should, then she is to have her third, and the

Children of Isham Sellers and Unus Vann are:
          i.   Dorcas Sellers, married David Murphy June 10, 1819 in Posey,
          ii.  Micah Sellers, married Isabella.
          iii. Ephraim Jackson Sellers, born 1777 in North Carolina; died
August 1817 in Union Co, Ky; married Rebecca Priggin 1805 in NC.
          iv.  Lewis Sellers, born 1784 in NC; married Anne Harvey July 08,
1808 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.
          v.   Edith Sellers, born 1786 in Sampson County, North Carolina;
died Aft. 1840 in Henderson County, Kentucky; married Charles Cottingham
in Henderson County, Kentucky.
          vi.  William Sellers, born 1788 in Chesterfield, Chara Co, NC;
December 16, 1834; married Anne Johnston April 23, 1808 in Henderson, Ky.
         vii. Orman Sellers, born 1790 in North Carolina; died 1824 in
County, Kentucky; married Rebecca Cary November 1817.
          viii.     Margaret Sellers, born March 15, 1791 in SC; died
17, 1853 in Henderson, Ky; married David Sights December 25, 1810 in
Livingston, Ky.
          ix.  Edward Sellers, born 1812; died Bef. 1850; married Susannah
Ligon November 09, 1812 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.
          x.   Elizabeth Sellers, born October 17, 1816; married Moses
October 17, 1816 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.
          xi.  Henry Madison Sellers, born September 11, 1817; died
10, 1882 in Webster Co, Ky; married (1) Mary J Johnson; married (2) Mary
Bentley November 08, 1846 in Shawneetown, Gallatin, Ill.

     Children of Isham Sellers and Lydia Barr are:
          i.   Lucretia Sellers, born 1821 in Henderson, Ky; died 1898 in
Scott, Il;
married James E Brown.
          ii.  Samuel W Sellers, born 1822 in Henderson Co, Ky; died Abt.
Henderson Co, Ky; married Lucy Ann Moore November 15, 1842 in Henderson,
          iii. Elijah Sellers, born October 15, 1826 in North Carolina;
May 17,
1913 in Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky; married (1) Mary A Rockencamp in Ky;
married (2)
          iv.  Mary Louisa Sellers, born March 14, 1831; died March 26,
in Ky; married John Floyd Hughes November 30, 1852 in Henderson, Henderson
          v.   Isham Sellers, born November 23, 1836 in Henderson Co, Ky;
April 06, 1914 in Henderson, Ky; married Lucy Ann Hughes July 28, 1854 in
Henderson, Henderson Co, Ky.