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Looking for cousins of John Duncan Sellers (b 4-2-1860 in McKenzie, AL, d
6-22-1950 in McKenzie) who married Harriet Victoria Steward on 12-27-1881
to complete family tree.  Also looking for info on Harriet -- only thing I
know is that her dad was Robert Steward.  Please contact me at
rberry@ratedg.com, or Ralph Berry, 201 Oak Hill Drive, Woodstock, VA

Benjamin Duncan Sellers (b abt 1794, Bladen Co, NC, d 3-25-1851 in Butler
Co, AL) married Elizabeth Ann Cromartie.  According to my relatives his
parents were Wright W. Sellers and Duncan.  Can anyone confirm this?  Does
anyone have info on them, I certainly don't.  According to my relatives
Wright's parents were Benjamin Sellers (b abt 1740 in NC, d
4/1817 in NC) and Letitia Bryant (b 1755, d aft 1820).  Can anyone confirm
this?  Please contact me at rberry@ratedg.com, or Ralph Berry, 201 Oak Hill
Drive, Woodstock, VA 22664-4038.


Hi Ralph --
     Yes, you are correct in everything you said. Benjamin Duncan Sellers
a son of Wright Sellers, who in turn was a son of Benjamin (d. 1817). This
confimed by both the Watters book (which admittedly is generally
and James Marlowe, who has done more original record research on SE N.C.
Sellers than anyone.
-- Tom Buchanan

RALPH - Welcome -
Would you send us a small chart, list of the child of John Duncan Sellers 1860 , who married and their kids and Where Any of the children went?
This info helps Other Sellers that are Trying to connect to us. Thanks.
You may enjoy our Butler Co, Al page of Sellers info and how we do our Documents, our members send us =
marie, iowa

Children of John Duncan Sellers:

Osgood Marvin Sellers (b 9-15-1882, d 3-5-1963 in Butler Co, Al), married
Susan Welch

Dozier Kelley Sellers (b 8-24-1884 in McKenzie, Butler Co, AL, d 8-11-1960
in Independence, MO) married Lillie Booker on 10-14-1911.  they had three
children:  Mildred Maurine Sellers (b 12-12-1912 in McKenzie, d 2-27-1932
Independence) married Glen Balleu -- no children.  Janie Myrtle Sellers (b
11-6-1917 in McKenzie) married Ralph Cleo Berry, Sr., on 9-11-1963.  They
had one child, me, Ralph Cleo Berry, Jr (b 3-2-56 in K.C., MO).  I married
Dierdra Rae Snyder on 6-27-82.  We have two sons:  Richard Ralph Berry
(3-16-84 in Exeter, NH) and Timothy Anderew Berry (b 12-27-85 in Exeter).
Third child of Dozier = Robert Kelley Sellers (b 3-5-1925 in Independence,
3-1-2000 in Butler, MO) married Mary Alice Harper on 11-25-1949.  They have
three kids:  Kathleen Kelley Sellers (b 5-26-1952 in Independence) married
Richard L. Jacobs on May 26, 1978 in Miami, OK.  They have no children and
live in Dallas.  Georgia Kay Sellers (b Sept 21, 1961 in Butler, MO) is
single and lives in Dallas.  Robert Kent Sellers (b 8-27-1956 in Butler,
married Angela Marie Linnebur on 4-24-1982 in K.C, MO.  They live there
today and have three chidlren:  Laura Marie (b 6-26-86), Emily Ann (b
6-11-89) and Mark Edward (b 1-14-93) all in K.C.

Ida Bertress Sellers (b 12-16-1885, d 6-18-1969)

Alma Elizabeth Sellers (b 1-7-1887, d 2-10-1913)

John Dan Duncan Sellers, Jr. (b 7-24-1888, d 11-12-1916)

Robert Everett Sellers (b 9-9-1889, d 4-24-1974)

Herman Hollis Sellers (b 6-4-1891, d 3-7-1962)

William Newton Sellers (b 5-15-1894, d 5-23-1973)

Era Victoria Sellers (b 11-5-1895, d 4/1981)

Bertha Ellen Sellers (b 7-28-1897, d 8-3-1974)  They have a daughter,
Wise who lives in Andalusia, AL.

Marble Eugenia Sellers (b 10-3-1898, d 2-4-1913)

Joseph Claud Sellers (b 7-16-1900, d 9-27-1986)  They have a son, Doyle
Sellers who lives in K.C., MO (Independence)

Otis Harp Sellers (b 6-9-1903, d 4-10-1998)

Comer Steward Sellers (b 11-14-1904, d 4-16-1988).

Hope this is what you were looking for.  Ralph Berry