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Actually, I have been to your site.  Its wonderful. I have spoken with
Eldon Edgin. I live in the Dallas, Tx area as well.  I have tons of
information on JAMES & ELIZABETH BROCK SELLERS descendents.  I thought
you might like to know I found an error in your list of marriages for
Grainger 1817. GEORGE SELLERS did not marry ELIZA BOWERS*, he married her
sister ELIZABETH BOWERS.  Eliza married Roadman  Hurst.   I know
this is confusing; its kind of like naming sons Bobby and Robert or John
and Jonathon. Here is some of what I have for JAMES SELLERS once he
moved to MO.*(From Sistlers list of Tn marriages,but, anyone searching this family will be glad to know the diff, msh)

JAMES SELLERS b. 29 Oct 1791, NC - d. 14 Dec 1853, Dillard (s/o Rev War
JAMES SELLERS), moved to Crawford Co., MO in 1852. He died shortly after
the family moved from Grainger Co., TN.  He is buried in New Dillard
Cemetery, Dillard, Osage Twn., Crawford Co., MO.  m. 22 Apr 1817
ELIZABETH BROCK (d/o GEORGE & AMY DYER BROCK) b. 20 Nov 1799 - d. 28 Dec
1839 in Grainger Co., TN. They had 6 children:

All moved to Missouri.

JAMES SELLERS b. 8 May 1824, Grainger Co., TN - d. 5 Apr 1900 in Dent
Co., MO buried in Maple Grove Cemetery on Crooked Creek,
Dillard-Viburnum Area. m. 28 Feb 1847 CATHERINE BOWERS b. 9 Apr 1827 -
d. before 1878. Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery on Crooked Creek,
Dillard-Viburnum Area. They had 11 children:
        Andrew Jackson Sellers
        William M. Sellers
        Elizabeth Sellers m. Moses B. Capps
        George Sellers
        Callaway Sellers
        Eliza Sellers m. Allen Turnbough
        Laverna Sellers (died young)
        (All buried in Maple Grove Cemetery)
        Rev. Jerry Sellers (buried Boss Cemetery)
        Minyard Sellers m. Annie Greene (Paola Cemetery, Dixie, OK)
        Corneilius "Neill" Sellers m. Melvina Hendrick (Odd Fellows Cemetery,
Myrtle Creek, OR)
        Polly Sellers m. Nathan Jackson Butts (Lone Grove Cemetery, Ardmore,

        James later married CATHERINE FRANCES WILLHITE in 1878.  They had 7
        Namon Sellers
        David Sellers
        Denny Sellers
        Henry Sellers
        Lee Sellers
        James Sellers
        Luiza Sellers

        He moved to Crawford Co. in 1852 & settled Maple Grove on Little
Crooked Creek.  He spent the rest of    his life on this farm, which was
later owned by his son David.  He was an early Justice of the Peace     for
Osage Township, Crawford Co. and was one of the founders of area United
Baptist Church.
ELIZABETH SELLERS b. 11 Mar 1826 in Grainger Co., TN - d. 18 Feb 1901 in
Dent Co., MO. Buried in Bowers Cemetery, Dent Co., MO. m. 29 Sep 1846
ANDREW JACKSON "Jack" BOWERS b. 9 Jun 1829 in Grainger Co., TN - d. 9
Nov 1892 in Dent Co., MO. (s/o Andrew & Katherine Howeth Bowers of
Grainger Co., TN)  Buried in Bowers Cemetery, Dent Co. MO. They had 6
        William Bowers m. Melvina Tinker
        Martha Ann Bowers m. James Towne Harris Hatcher Butts
        Katherine Bowers m Dr. S Salucius & Alphus M. Tribbey (Tribbey, OK is
named for them)
        James Bowers m. Mary Katherine Butts
        Minyard Bowers m. Elizabeth Tennison (Fennison)
        ANDREW JACKSON "Drew" BOWERS b. 28 Mar 1868 on Hutchins Creek, Crawford
Co., MO - 24 Mar 1924 in        Walnut  Ridge, AR m. 8 Sep 1888 SARAH ANN BELL
b. 23 Jan 1862 - d. 8 Apr 1907 on Bowers Farm, Dent     Co., MO. (d/o Moses
& Amanda Crawford Bell) Buried in Bowers Cemetery, Dent Co., MO. They
had 9   children: Jesse Walter Bowers m. Clara Stella Freeman
                Roy Elmer Bowers m. Jessie B. Nash
                William Alvin Bowers m Mary Burns
                Infant Son b & d on 23 Apr 1894
                Cobert Bowers m. Mae Burns
                Corbey Bowers b. 16 Jan 1897. d. 11 Sep 1897
                Jackey Bowers b. 26 Apr 1899. d. 25 Jul 1901
                Howard Bowers m. Lonnie ?
                Effie Bowers

                Drew later married 1910 MARY A. DAUGHERTY b. 20 Oct 1876 in MO - d. 26
Feb 1948. (d/o S. Polk          & Sarah Elvins Daugherty) Buried in Bethany
Chapel Cemetery, Shannon Co., MO.  Drew sold            the family farm and moved
near Twin Spring on Current River, Shannon Co., MO in 1911.  The
family later moved to Mississippi Co., AR. They had 2 children:
                Ada Bowers b. 1911 - d. 1958. m. Glen Bailey (Ada is buried next to
her mother)
                JACOB ANGUS BOWERS b. 2 Apr 1915 in Shannon Co., MO - d. 1969 in IN.
m. 12 Sep 1938                          CALLIE LENORA BLAYLOCK in Dell, Mississippi Co., AR
b. 16 Jun 1912 in Tupelo,                               MS. - d. 1973 in Mansfield, TX. Both are
buried in Prairie Street Cemetery in unmarked                   graves between Jake's
cousin Otto Becker and he and Callie's daughter Doris.  Jake                    was
married once before Callie to a full blood indian woman (I do not know
her name                        or the dates) He had one child by her and then was forced to
divorce her. (apparently                        her family didn't care for him and
threatened his life.) Her name is MARGARET BOWERS.                      None of his other
children have ever met her. Jake and Callie had 7 children:
                                James Leroy Bowers (still living)
                                Joseph Andrew Bowers (my father - still living)
                                        Rebecca Ann Bowers
                                                Don Andrew Riley
                                                Stephanie Renee Shaw
                                        Bonnie Sue Bowers
                                        Bobbie Jo Bowers
                                        William Jacob Bowers
                                Doris Darlene Bowers (died in a car wreck in Elkhart, IN when she
was 16)
                                Bertha Sue Bowers (still living)
                                Jack Henry Bowers (still living)
                                Jesse Bowers (died in infancy and buried in Blytheville, Mississippi
Co., AR)
                                Caffy Ruth Bowers (still living)
                * Drew was murdered someone poisened his coffee.  Mary & Ada were
suspected, jailed and then              released. They were never charged, but the
children from his first marriage and Drew's family              believed them
guilty.  Mary's children from her first marriage (Otto Becker) believed
a farm          hand did it.  Drew was known to be a harsh mean man.  He is
buried in the Bowers Cemetery on                Hutchins Creek, Dent Co., MO.

GEORGE "Flucker" SELLERS b. c1820 TN - d. TX m. ELIZABETH BOWERS b. 13
Oct 1824 in Grainger Co., TN. (d/o Andrew & Katherine Howeth Bowers of
Grainger Co., TN) Buried in Maple Grove Cemetery on Crooked Creek,
Dillard-Viburnum Area. He and their children moved to TX after Betsy
died.  They had 6 children:
        Francis Marion Sellers
        Arminda Sellers
        Oma Elizabeth Sellers
        James Sellers
        Henry Sellers
        Martha Sellers

MINYARD SELLERS m. POLLY TURNBOUGH. (Minyard died in the Civil War and
is buried in the National Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.  Polly is buried in
the Sellers Cemetery in Dent Co., MO.)

in New Dillard Cemetery, Dillard, Osage Twn., Crawford Co., MO.  Sarah &
Peter are buried in Cove Cemetery, Franklin Co., MO)

MINFREA SELLERS d. in infancy in Grainger Co, TN

There is still a ton left but I think this will do for now.  Do you have
any information on where Rev. War James Sellers was born or who his
parents were or what his wife's name was. I seems to me I have seen the
name Patience mentioned a couple of times.  Was this his wifes name?


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I appologize.  I made a mistake when I stated that Eliza Bowers married
a man named Needham.  That was her sister Nancy.  Eliza married Roadman
Hurst.  I didn't know if it really mattered, since it they were not
Sellers', but thought I give you the info just the same.



I can't believe I missed this on the Grainger County, Tennessee
page.  Could you tell me who submitted this information or
where it came from?

My Andrew Bowers (who I've been looking for for months) died
21 Nov 1849.  His son was Andrew Jackson Bowers.
His son-in-law was George Sellers.  I have just ordered a copy of his
will from the LDS Family History Center.  I intend to transcribe and
post to Sellers list since George, and possibly other Sellers are

4-5-1843 James SELLARS Adm of James SELLARS, SENR

12-7-1849 GeorgeSELLERS and Andrew J. BOWEN
ADM's for Andrew BOWEN, dec'd

ANDREW BOWEN , dec/d - Adm=Andrew J. BOWEN and Geo SELLERS

James Sellers Jr's son James married Andrew Bowers'
daughter Catherine. James Sellers Jr's son George Sellers
married Andrew Bowers' daughter Elizabeth. And Andrew Jackson
Bowers married James Jr's daughter Elizabeth.