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14430 =

Robert Willard Sellers, 1940 Dec Co., Ia

James Willard Sellers, 1911 Dec Co.,  Ia /1969 Camas Co., WA /father

Jay Wilton Sellers, 1881 Dec Co.,  Ia/1945 Dec Co., Ia, grandfather

John Sellers, 1841 Madison Co.,  In ,1921 Dec Co., Ia., Ggrandfather

Monos T. Sellers, 1785 Va, 1861 Dec Co, Ia., GGgrandfather

married December 29, 1820 Pickaway Co., OH




14438 =

Thomas W. Sellars       1956   Walker County, Texas

Fred T. Sellars, Jr.        1927  San Jacinto County, Texas  (Father)

Fred T. Sellars, Sr.       1899  Bexar County, Texas (Grandfather)

George A. Sellars  1853 Jasper County, Mississippi(Greatgrandfather)

George W. Sellars        1815  Alabama or Georgia (GGgrandfather)

Young Sellars        1789  North Carolina (GGGgrandfather) not proven

David Sellars               abt 1760 (GGGGgrandfather) not proven



14441 =

Howard Terry Sellers 1938, SC

Howard Thurman Sellers, 1915, Ga. or Ill.

Leonard Styles Sellers, 1881, Ga.

Ephram Newton Sellers, 1860, Ga.

Conrad Sellers, CSA, 1820, Ga.

John "Blacksmith" Sellers, 1789, N.C.

Francis Conrad Sellers, 1760, Pa. or Va.?



14445 =

Michael Isaac Sellers, 1958 GA

James Wilton Sellers, 1925 GA, father

Isaac Sellers, 1899 GA, grandfather

Conrad Mitchel Sellers, 1865 GA, Ggrandfather

John Henry Sellers,   1848 GA, GGgrandfather

Conrad Sellers, 1820 NC, GGGgrandfather

John Blacksmith Sellers, 1789 NC, GGGGgrandfather



14454 =

  Robert Phillip Sellers, Sr

Gurley H. Sellers b: Jan. 17, 1802  Nash Co., N.C. d: October 26, 1898 in            Jefferson County, Alabama

   (wife) Delila (?) Wyatt b: April 24, 1805 in Nash Co., N.C., d: July 03, 1899     in Jefferson Co., Ala, m: Jan. 31, 1826


            Simon Sellers b: May 21, 1835 in Nash Co., N.C. ,

                d:April 31, 1915 in Jefferson C., Ala


                  (wife) Cynthia Caroline Lawson b: April 25, 1839

                            d: November  23 1910 in Jefferson Co. Ala.,                   

                              m: November 08, 1857



                          Oley Wellington Sellers, Sr., b: October 21, 1880

                            d: Jan. January 17, 1931

                            (wife) Elizbeth Mary (Mae) Dunn m: January 20, 1907


                                   Oley Wellington Sellers, Jr., b: Feb. 16, 1913 d:

                                     March 01, 1988

                                       (wife) Chloe Phillips


                                            Robert Phillip Sellers, Sr. b: July 26, 1937

                                                (person tested)

                                             (wife) Betty Spivey, b: March 14, 1937



14465 = = (sept 2004)

Edgar R. Sellers Jr. (self) 1936 TX

Edgar R. Sellers Sr. (father) 1895 OK-1942 TX

Jonas Lafayette Sellers (grandfather) 1853 TN-1944 TX

James M. Sellers (g-grandfather) 1827 TN- 1866?TN

James Sellers (gg-grandfather) 1806NC?- 1843 TN

John Sellers (ggg-grandfather) abt 1786 - ???? (Not Proven)


14803 =

Carl Elbert Sellars 1933   Williamson Co.IL

Father   John Louie Sellars       1908   Williamson Co.   IL

GFather   Harmon Leroy Sellars    1870   Williamson Co.   IL

G-GFather   James Sellars         1847    Jasper Co.        MS

GG-GFather   Burwell Sellars      1808    Pendleton Dist.  SC

GGG-GFather   Young Sellars       1789    Chatham Co.     NC

GGGG-GFather   David Sellars    ca1760    Orange Co.       NC


16186 =  (Terri Leinneweber [])

John Allen Sellers, DNA donor, TX
Allen Wesley Sellers, 1912, father, TX
John L. Sellers, 1890, grandfather, TX
Allen Sidora (Sedora, Cedora are spellings I have seen), 1847, ggrandfather, MS
Allen D. Sellers. 1819, gggrandfather - Unknown where


16669 =

Keith Alan Sellers =

(I know Keith has a better chart than this, please send, msh)

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SELLER 1872/1972 and Martha COGBURN 1881/1973,

James Leonard Sellers of CLARKSVILLE , GA

mother of same: Mary Jane Anderson.
brother of James Leonard Sellers:

Isaac Sellers.

msh = I believe it =

HENRY SELLERS 1820 NC and REBECCA PRINCE son (Habersham Co, Ga) from Lin/Hay Co, NC

JAMES LEONARD SELLERS, b. May 22, 1852, GEORGIA; d. August
16, 1889, GEORGIA. and Mary Jane Anderson, SON
BENJAMIN F. SELLERS 1872 and Martha COGBURN 1881/1973


16695 =
Robert C. Sollars

Ignatius Sollars Va, Ross Co, Oh, Verm Co, IN


17130 = ( march 2004)

Michael Sellers

Henry SELLERS ca 1853 Jackson County, WV

Lemuel E. SELLERS March 24, 1876/ Nov 5, 1957 Meigs Co., Oh

William Homer SELLERS Oct 12, 1899/Dec 6, 1948 Meigs,Oh or Wood Co, WV

Jack Lester SELLERS July 22, 1926/Oct 10, 1999 Wood Co, WV

Michael Anthony SELLERS  March 19, 1958




ARTHUR WARD SELLERS, b. 1886 Cedar Point, TX; d. 1978 Tarrant Co., TX (father)

MARVEL WHITNEY SELLERS, b. 1853 LA; d. 1928 Gillespie Co., TX (grandfather)

JOHN WARD SELLERS, b. 1825-27 AL; d. 1889 Ft. Glorieta, NM (greatgrandfather).

   Census indicate both John Ward Sellers' parents were born in NC.  He married


   b. 1828-30 NC to father, SIMON GODWIN b. abt. 1794 Bladen/Columbus Co., NC, 

   & mother, BETHANIA FAULK b. abt. 1796 Bladen/Columbus Co., NC. 

Joseph Sellers, b. 1789 NC, d. c. 1859 Coryell Co., TX;
James Sellers, Jr., b. 1760-1770 NC, d. bef. 1850 Pike Co., AL;
James Sellers, Sr. b. prior to 1744 NC;
to Benjamin b. prior to 1744 NC and of age by at least 1761 Edgecomb & Brunswick Co., NC.


23792 =

Richard Zeller

            ggg Grandfather Jacob Zeller [ also Zoller ] was born April 18 1777 in Pennsylvania died 1848 in Brecknock Township, Lancaster Co., PA

His widow Anna Maria Shupp born in Brecknock Township April 13, 1777 and daughter of George Adam Shupp and Anna Maria Keiffer Shupp, moved to Darke Co., OH [ AGE 78] with her son George and his family


23989 = Franklin Sellars =
            5404 Chaperito

            Arlington, TX 76016

            United States


young sellars b abt 1789 in chatham co

north carolina.d bet 1861 to 1870 in

 jackson co alabama


young monroe sellars

was b in jackson co 1843 .after

sival war date not known.moved to hunt

co texas.d 1909 in hunt co tx


sam bane sellars was b 1886 hunt co tx

 d 1938 in bowie co tx


26552 = Warren Sellers



            1710 Charlestown-New Albany Pk. #22

            Jeffersonville, IN 47130

            United States

I believe he connects to ROBERT SELLERS 1765-1827 WASH CO, IN, msh



Billy Sellers (feb 2005)

            e-mail (old)



            3204 Buckhorn Court

            Plano, TX 75074-2817

            United States

Billy Morris Sellers, born 1926, Choctaw County,Oklahoma

Lon Morris Sellers, born 1903, Paris,Lamar County,Texas, Father

Alfred Henderson Sellers, born 1859, Hot Springs,Arkansas, Grandfather

James H. Sellers, born abt. 1819, Alabama, G. Grandfather Sebastian Co., AR, Jackson Parish, La

Joseph Sellers, born abt.1789, North Carolina, G.G.Grandfather

James Sellers Jr., born abt.1760-1770 North Carolina, G.G.G. Grandfather, d. bef. 1850 Pike Co., AL

Sources: Census Records and

Records Pertaining to the Sellers Family of Brunswick County, N.C.,

compiled by James I. Marlowe, Ph.D.



#28450 Raymond B. Sellers

619 Story City, Iowa 50248



Raymond B. Sellers (b. 7 Apr 1917 in Vienna Twp., Marshall Co., IA - living)

Clarence Elwood Sellers (b. 17 Jun 1885 in Vienna Twp., Marshall Co., IA - d. 21 May 1957 in Marshalltown, Marshall Co., IA)

Edward Campbell "Ed" Sellers (b. 14 Apr 1863 in Eldora Twp, Hardin Co., IA - d. 10 May 1921 in Marshall Co., IA)

George Sellers (b. 13 Feb 1821 in Brown Co., OH - d. 15 Jul 1891 in Marshall Co., IA)

Jacob Sellers (b. 4 Dec 1793 in KY - 12 Dec 1857 in New Boston Twp., Mercer Co., IL)  (He fought briefly in War of 1812.)


#29690 Thomas Sellers

            Group: Sellers

            Kit Number: 29690

            Test: DNAPlus
            Test: Y-Refine37to67 ((nov 2006)

            Test: mt-H (feb  4, 2005)




            4007 Marion St.

            Mullins, SC 29574

            United States


Thomas Galen Sellers, 1935 Marion Co., S.C.
Thomas French Sellers, 1910 Marion Co., S.C., father (BIG gap here?msh)
Thomas William Sellers, 1855 Marion Co., S.C., grandfather

Bryant Jordan Sellers, 1827 Horry Co., S.C., Ggrandfather
Jordan Sellers, 1763 N.C., GGgrandfather
Benjamin Sellers, 1740 Virginia or N.C. GGGgrandfather
Family (William) originally came from England (Welsh) as indentured servant and settled in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.




Craig Lee Sellers
2080 Greenwood Rd.
Independence, OR

Test: Y-Refine12to37 (april 19, 2005)


George Sellers, Sr. ca b. 1780's, Bucks Co. PA?

George Sellers, Jr., b. 1807, Franklin Co. PA

David Sellers, b. 1835, Summit Co. OH

Walter Sellers, b. 1878, Ness Co. KS

Frank Sellers, b. 1914, Polk Co., OR

Don Sellers, b. 1936, Marion Co., OR

me b. 1962, OR, and my brother who is taking the test, b. 1969, OR.


Lynn (Sellers) Mack

Lynn  Mack []


Claude Alexander Sellars

Houston, TX

My father Claude Alexander Sellars,
b.10/7/1905 in Bering, Polk County, TX; d. 8/23/1985 in Houston, Harris
County TX was the brother of Tom's grandfather Fred Thomas Sellars, Sr.
Tom Sellars, (14438) who you know and who has done a huge amount of genealogy
for the family is my second cousin.


Roger Sellers

Kit Number: 35356
Test: Y-DNA12

806 Creed Ave
Las Cruces, NM 88005
United States


JOHN LEONARD5 SELLERS born November 22, 1782 in Bucks Cnty PA, and died September 03, 1860 in Allen Cnty OH

son JOSEPH6 SELLERS, b. March 09, 1828, Franklin Cnty,  Waynesboro PA; d. August 11, 1894, Auglaize Cnty  OH.



William Sellars

Kit Number: 36092
Test: Y-DNA12

C/o Doug Meharry
P.O. Box 3062
Monterey, Ca 93942,
United States


William SELLARS (Richard William, William Raymond, John David, William,
unknown) -- baby boomer.

Richard William SELLARS(William Raymond, John David, William, unknown) --
born January 19, 1913 in Walla Walla, Washington. Father.

William Raymond SELLARS (John David, William, unknown) -- born July 24, 1886
in Rich Hill, Missouri, and died October 15, 1965 in Spokane, Washington.

John David SELLARS (William, unknown) born August 20, 1846 in
Crawfordsville, Indiana, and died July 10, 1915 at the Soldiers Home in
Orting, Pierce County, Washington. Great Grandfather.

William SELLARS (father unknown -- believed to be James or Isaac or one of
their brothers) born April 14, 1816 in Ohio and died November 5, 1893 in
Montgomery County, Indiana. GG Grandfather.


John Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 39122
Test: Y-DNA12

4249 Crimson Dr.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
United States

John Sellers

(William, John Henry, Grover, George of Licking, Delaware and Highland counties, Ohio) =

John Henry Sellers, 1821-1890, lived in Greenfield, Highland, OH in 1870).

son WM H. born 1842




Robert Sellars
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 41098
Test: Y-DNA12
e-mail: ( = preferred)

2645 East Cedar Avenue
Denver, CO 80209
United States

Family Tree DNA


William Carroll Sellars, b. 1812?. (I have the correct date at home and he is buried ( 1880's) in Decatur, Texas where I was born and grew up.

His father was Laird Sellars, b. 1771 d. 1862 in Missouri. Both of these men had large families and married twice. W. C. had a son born in his first marriage, Marcus De Lafayette Sellars, b. 1846, d. 1917. He is my great grandfather.




Group: Sellers
Kit Number: N6568

Y-DNA12, Y-HAP-R1b





Harold Sellers
Kit Number: 47747
Test: Y-DNA12


HAROLD SELLERS 1920 Fayette Co., Ky
Son of Pearl Lee Sellers 1895/1973 Butler Co., Oh
Son of Noah Henry Sellers 1868/1941 Perry Co., Ky
Son of John F. Sellers 1842/1908 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of Henry Sellers 1816/1895 Pulaski Co., Ky
Son of John R. Sellers 1794/1873-79 Pulaski, now McCreary Co., Ky



Kit Number: N12156
Test: Y-DNA12

son of
7. James Kenneth Sellers b. 06Dec1902; d. 21Jul1970
son of
1. William Jackson (Oscar) Sellers b. 07Sep1866 Bessemer, Ala; d.
son of
8. Isaac Gurley Sellers b. 24May1849 Ala; d. 26Apr1936; m. 28Aug1865

son of

GURLEY SELLERS b. 17Jan1802 in NASH CO., N.C.; d. 26Oct1898 JEFFERSON CO.,



Billy Zellers
Kit Number: 42758
Test: Y-Refine25to59
21287 George Brown Ave
Riverside, CA 92518
United States


1920 Billy B. Zellers, Joplin, Mo. Me
1891 Ray Irwin Zellers, Joplin, Mo
1861 Andrew Frank Zellers. Jasper Co. Mo
1825 Isaac Zellers, Prebel Co, OH
1792 Ephraim Zellers, Prebel Co. OH ? He added the s
ABT1768 Henry Zeller/Sellers, Rockingham, VA My information is he had been a black sheep to the family and used both Seller & Zeller
1735 Johannes Zeller/Seller, Mottgers, Hesse, Germany, Came to this country 16 Sept. 1738 on the Queen Elizabeth
from Rotterdam, then Deal. Master of the ship was Alexander Hope. They were referred to as Palatines,
XXXX Hienrich (John Henry) Zeller, Gernany


George Sellers
Kit Number: 59776

Test: Y-DNA25

George Garrett Sellers, 1920, Philadelphia, PA
Howard Benson Sellers, 1892, Philadelphia, PA, father
Alfred Sellers, 1851, Chester Co., PA, grandfather
Frederick Sellers, 1822, PA, Ggrandfather


James Sellers
Kit Number: 61670

Test: Y-DNA12

James Logan Sellers born 3 July 1941, son of

James Henry Sellers born 15 September 1903 Whitley Co. Indiana , son of

Jesse Sellers born 1869 Indiana , son of

W. H.(Henry) Sellers born 06 13 1843 /1899 Whitley Co., IN



Michael Sellers
2312 N. Green Valley Parkway, #121
Henderson, NV 89014
702- 433-0713.

MICHAEL H. SELLERS (self): born Nov. 29, 1965, Augusta County, Virginia

Father - DENNIS W. SELLERS: born Dec. 14, 1943, Augusta County, Virginia

Gfather - WHITFIELD T. SELLERS: (Dec. 8, 1907 - May 7, 2002), Augusta County, Virginia

G-Gfather - GEORGE W. SELLERS: (Aug 12, 1871 - June 19, 1950), Augusta County, Virginia

GG-Gfather - JEROME HOWARD BROWN SELLERS: (Nov 14, 1825 - Feb 27, 1910), Augusta County, Virginia

GGG-Gfather - JOHN SELLERS: (Mar 11, 1797 - Jan 19, 1872), Augusta County, Virginia

GGGG-Gfather - HENRY SELLERS, Sr.: (Abt 1766 - June 1843), Rockingham County, Virginia

GGGGG-Gfather - ADAM SELLERS: (1742 - April 1821): Adam presumbably born in PA. Moved to now-Rockingham County, Virginia, in 1748 at age 6 and lived there until age 75 (1817) when he moved to Springboro, Warren County, OH.

GGGGGG-Gfather - HEINRICH ZELLER (aka Henry Sellers, John Henry Zeller): born August 17, 1704, in Mottgers, Hesse, Germany - died about 1775 in then-Augusta County, Virginia, but is now-Rockingham County, Virginia. Migrated to America on September 16, 1738, aboard ship "Queen Elizabeth", landing at Philadelphia.


Bruce Abernethy
Kit Number: 65492
Test: Y-DNA12

son of


John Sellers
Kit Number: 66525
Test: Y-DNA12

son of John Clark Sellers 1920, son of Mathew Bacon Sellers 1869 Baltimore Co., Md,
son of Mathew 1800 Livingston Co., KY

Randy Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 67741
Test: Y-DNA12
e-mail: .

1708 Bell Avenue
Ft. Worth, TX 76131
United States


son of




Gerald Sellars
Kit Number: 81503
Test: Y-DNA12


son of





Douglas Sellers
Group: Sellers
Kit Number: 94442
Test: Y-DNA37+mtDNAPlus

1915 Graves Creek Rd
Cottonwood, ID 83522
United States

Family Tree DNA




Timothy Sellers
Kit Number: 96235
Test: Y-DNA37



Curtis Sellers
Kit Number: 100906
Test: Y-DNA12




Dewey Sellers
Kit Number: 102179
Test: Y-DNA12


son of Dewey Paulette Sellers 1898 MS
son of Wm Albert Sellers 1860 AL
SON OF James Wesley Sellers 1820 ga
SON OF Alfred Sellers 1800



Charles Sellers
Kit Number: 106691
Test: Y-DNA12


son of




my grandfather's info.

He was Nathan Sellers, b. 1873 in Tarboro, NC - son of

Joseph Sellers, b. ca. 1847-48, NC married to Martha O'Berry of Tarboro

son of William S. Sellers, 1820 married to Mary Sherrod


I think William was probably the son of Joseph Sellers married to Elizabeth Longbottoms,
Nash County, NC.
Margaret Sellers Kessels




Gary Sellers
Kit Number: N60915
Test: Y-DNA12



son of Walter Sellers 1906MO

son of Jerry Sellers 1864
son of James Sellers 1824 Dent Co., MO
James, 1824, b. Grainger Co., Tn.
Married Catherine Bowers, 1847
Married Catherine Francis Wilhite, 1878
son of

James, 10/29/1791, Chatham or Burke Co., NC
Married Elizabeth Brock 1817... Married Winney Wickliff 1842


Wilbert (Pete) Glen Sellers

C/o Vicki Sellers Canipe

son of



son of Arthur "Bud" Sellers 1916 Cherokee County, OK
son of  Robert L. Sellers 1892 AR
son of Isaac Marion Sellers 1852 TN
son of John S. Sellers 1822 NC
son of Isaac Sellers 1800 NC



Henry K Sellers
e-mail: (don't use) (contact)

Test: Y-DNA67

son of  Charles Roy Sellers 1908 Pike Co., Al

son of Henry Charles Sellers 1867 Jefferson Co., Al

son of Daniel Jackson Sellers 1849 Pike Co., Al

son of Julius Sellers 1813 NC

son of  Mathew Sellers 1760 Brunswick Co., NC



Mike Sellers
17950 E. Brown Pl.
Aurora, CO 80013


Michael Donald Sellers b.1956 Aurora, CO
Donald R. Sellers b. 1930 Tipton, KS Father
Fred Thomas Sellers b. 1901 Tipton, KS d. 1962 Grandfather
Charles Nelson Sellers b. 1865 Attica, IN d. 1919 G Grandfather
Thomas Jefferson Sellers b. 1843 New Castle Tnshp, Coshocton Co. Ohio d. 1883 GG Grandfather
Abraham Sellers b. 1794 Virginia d. 1864 GGG Grandfather





Edgar Eugene Sellers
Kit Number: 130055
Test: Y-DNA12+mtDNA

son of
son of    Johnny Pierce (Pierce) Sellers  b: 28 Aug 1902 in Chesterfield, SC    
son of     Ellie B. Sellers          b: 29 Nov 1876 

son of  John Sellers 1852
son of William Braddock Sellers 1828 Chesterfield, SC



Frank Sellers
Kit Number: 132610
Test: Y-DNA12+mtDNA

son of
son of
son of Samuel Sellers 1829 Logan Co., Oh
son of Henry Sellers ca 1795 Va



Andrew Anthony Fenske
Kit Number: 136024
Test: Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus



Carl Sellers
Kit Number: 136341
Test: Y-DNA12

son of Edgar Earl Sellers 1896 Tamaroa, Perry Co., IL/1965 DeKalb Co., IL

son of Joseph Lee Sellers 1859 Jackson Co., WV/1929 Tazewell Co., IL





John Edward Sellers
Kit Number: 138827
Test: Y-DNA12, Y-DNA25,

son of Junior Elmo Sellers 1924 Mills Co., Ia/1973 Spokane Co., Wa

son of Austin Sellers 1890 Decatur Co., Ia/1935 Chicago, Il

son of Louisa Jane Sellers 1869 Decatur Co., Ia/1960 Ft Collins, Larimer Co., Colorado



George Stephen Sellers
Kit Number: 145327
Test: Y-DNA12



Kit Number: 145517
Test: Y-DNA12





Robert Walter Sellers
Kit Number: 147407
Test: Y-DNA37



Sarah J. Schriver

DNA Kit 148687, for Sarah J. Schriver



Bobby D. Sellers (deceased March 20, 2010)
Kit Number: 154678
Test: Y-DNA37+mtDNA

son of William Luther Sellers 1896OK/1962OK

son of James Fillmore Sellers 1858TN/1938OK

son of James M. Sellers 1827TN/1865TN (McMinn Co, TN,msh) (and Martha Wasson



KIT =(155256? NOT sent in Sept 2010?)

(1) Alexander Sellers, Jr
born Nov 14, 1940   Ponca City, Okla(Kay Co, Ok)

(2)Alexander Sellers     (father)
born Aug 23 1891   Needles, California San Bernardino County
died: 10 Oct 1966   Winfield, Kansas (CowleyCo)

(3)Alexander Sellers      (grandfather)
born Oct 1850  somewhere in Va. 
died:  1918?   New Mexico?


GRACIE Gracie []



Jackie Leroy Sellers
Test: Y-DNA37
son of Charles Sellers 1903/1953 Okla, Ok
son of Nathan Elmove Sellers1865Coffee Co., TN/1929 Kay Co., OK
son of James Manson Sellers 1831NC/



Thomas E. Little
Test: DYS710


# 37924

Byron O. Merritt
Test: Y-Refine25to37
Sarah (Sally) Thornton (see lineage V, VIII, and IX) (see Sellers Project)

David Thornton Merritt b 30 Sept 1823 Sampson County NC.

d 1865, after being wounded in the War Between the States m. Elizabeth Ann Brown 

Willard Hinton b Oct 1845, m Attalay Beatrice Tipton

Robert Alger b 16 Mar 1849, d 1 Jul 1901 m Mary Elizabeth Minter 37924 - Byron [budjanice-dna AT]




billy joe sellars
Kit Number: 164697
Test: Y-DNA12


which family? (oct 13, 2009, msh)


son of
son of
son of



# 175654
Bertram Lynn Sellers, Jr., born 1935 Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ( Bergen County, NJ,msh)
Bertram Lynn Sellers, Sr., born c. 1903 Burlington County, New Jersey; died 1995, Niceville, Florida Okaloosa County,msh)
Cornelius Elmer Sellers, born 1874 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died 1918, Mt. Holly, New Jersey
Cornelius Godshalk Sellers, born 1845 Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1877, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Franklin Peter Sellers, born 1800 Montgomery County, Pennsylvania; died 1863, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Abraham Sellers, born c. 1758 Bucks County, Pennsylvania?; died 1831, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania?
John Sellers, born 1731 Bucks County, Pennsylvania; died 1783, Bucks or Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Philip Henry Sellers, born 1698/99 Weinheim, Baden; died 1769, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Johann Adam Soller, born 1669 Weinheim, Baden; died unknown age, prob. Weinheim, Baden
Johann Paul Soller, born 1640 Weinheim, Baden; died after 1712/13, prob. Weinheim, Baden Johann Georg Soller, born c. 1615 unknown location (maybe Weinheim, Baden); died prob. Weinheim, Baden


Kit Number: 176272
Terry Sellers
Test: Y-DNA67

Terry Sellers (Jr.)   b 1938 Quinton, Walker Co., AL

son of
Terry Sellers (Sr.)  b 22 Aug 1907 Dora area-Walker Co., AL.  d 14 Feb 1970 Jasper,           Walker Co., AL.  m Lillian Nora Gilchrist  b 27 July 1912 Cordova, Walker Co.,           AL.  d 12 Jan 2001 West Point, Clay Co., MS
son of
Randolph Sellers  b 4 Mar 1883 Dora area - Walker Co., AL  - d 25 Sept 1948 Walker            Co., AL.  m  Delonia Ann Shipp b 31 Dec 1887 – d 25 Jan 1945 Walker Co., AL

son of
Milton Travis Sellers   b 07 Sep 1847 Pike Co., AL  -  d  14 Aug 1922 Walker Co., AL
           m  Mildred Ann Stone (Rollo)  b 15 Apr 1845 – d 14 Nov 1910 Walker Co., AL
son of
Samuel Joseph Sellers (Jr.)  b 09 Feb 1809 Brunswick Co., NC -  d 21 Apr 1887  Dora                area of Walker Co., AL
           m   Rebecca Fowler  b 29 Oct 1820  -  d  23 Oct 1899 Walker Co., AL

son of
Samuel Joseph Sellers (Sr.) b. 17 Apr 1788 Southport, Brunswick Co., NC  -  d 11 Jul         1857 Pike Co. (now Bullock Co.), AL.  He became a minister and Postmaster on         Three Notch Road.   m  Sarah Stanaland  b 04 Aug 1786 Southport, Brunswick Co.,          NC  -  d  17 Jul 1867 Pike Co. (now Bullock Co.), AL
son of
Elisha Sellers  b 1738 New Hampton, Edgecombe Co, NC  -  d 16 Dec 1801 Brunswick Co., NC
         m  Sarah Jane Peoples  b ~ 1745  -  1781
         m  Mary Willets   b 1760 New Hanover Co., NC  -  d > 1813Daniel Leo Sellers


Kit Number: 188796

Daniel Leo Sellers

Test: Y-DNA12