CHARLES CITY, VA (made in 1634 =Original Shire)

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Charles City County Parishes

Parishes: Bristol 1643-1702 (also Henrico Co. & afterwards Pr. Geo.), Charles City 1613-?, Chickahominy before 1640-1643 (also James City Co.), Flowerdew Hundred aka Jordan's Journey about 1620s-1688, Martin's Brandon 1655- 1702 (afterwards Pr. Geo. Co.), Smith's Hundred abt 1617-abt 1619, Southampton 1619- 1622, Wallingford (first called Chickahominy Parish) 1643-1620 (also James City Co.), West and Shirley abt 1613-1622, Westover by 1625-1702 (afterwards Pr. Geo. Co.), Weyanoke abt 1618-1702 (afterwards Pr. Geo. Co), Wilmington abt 1658-1723 (also James City Co.)

Tidewater Virginia Families
covering Tidewater Virginia counties between the Potomac and James Rivers.

va patent book no 5 (nugents?)

JULY 25, 1665
DANIELL CLARKE, GENT, 2029 A. 2 R. & 20 P., Chas. City Co, page 440 (525)
1000 acs, etc

&c: 698 acs. at the head of sd. Cr. between Sellar run and Fishing run: & 331 A. 2 R. & 20 P. on N. side of James Riv. at the head of his own land beg. on Sellar run, running W. along the head tro nefe the ponds of the Old mans Cr. run, then N. &c. , etc

I AM ASSUMING THIS is a Surname SELLAR? msh)


August 23: Thomas Wheeler: Other Format Available on microfilm. Virginia State Land Office. Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Related See also the following surname(s): Whealer, Wheler. Note Location: Charles City County. Description: 990 acres at the head of Powells Creek.
Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 893 (Reel 1).
Thomas Wheeler

1637 September 29 Thomas Wheeler.
Patents 1-42, reels 1-41. Related See also the following surname(s): Whealer, Wheler. Note Location: Charles City County.
Description: 495 acres a neck of land between two creeks; east upon the creeke that parteth Weyanoke land, and west upon Oldmans Creek. Source: Land Office Patents No. 1, 1623-1643 (v.1 & 2), p. 495 (Reel 1).

Notes: In 1691 the William Murrell families of Rev. Thomas Murrell who died in 1830 era of Dickson Co. Tn his families are found on this Creek and Sellers Creek. Also of note is Daniel Clarke abt 1650-1660 era who re married the Widow Mary Ashton Hill Cocke daughter of Walter Ashton lived on this Creek


ID: I12091
Name: John Cross
Surname: Cross
Given Name: John
Sex: M
Death: Feb 1731 in Charles City Co, VA
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Marriage 1 Miss Featherstone
William Cross
Mary Cross

Marriage 2 Jane


The first city of the county was called Charles City Point, and it occupied a position south of the James River, at its juncture with the Appomattox River.  In 1703 and following, all of the county's area south of the James River was used to form Prince Edward and other counties.  The county attained its current size after Prince George County was formed out of it in 1703, and a part of James City County was added in 1721.  In 1923, the town of City Point was annexed by the City of Hopewell.

On the north side of the river, the land remained Charles City County.  Among the early settlements were Smith's Hundred (1617), West and Shirley Hundred (1619), and Berkeley Hundred (1619).  Communities which appeared over the years include Adkins Store, Binns Hall, Parrish Hill, Ruthville, and Wayside.

Today, there is no "Charles City" or main urban area in the county.  Charles City Court House is the center of county government.  The courthouse building was erected in the 1750's, and its is one of only five courthouses in America which have been in continuous service since the Revolutionary War.


The courthouse was invaded by Union troops in 1862, and many of the county's records were destroyed or carried away.  A few records which were carried off have been recovered since, including a volume of wills and deeds for 1725-1731, and the order book for 1737-1751.  Other records were lost before the Civil War.  Court records start in 1650, marriage records start in 1762, land records start in 1789, probate records start in 1790, and birth and death records start in 1853.